UV Lamps For Water Disinfection

This will include low pressure UVC lamps and compact, high power medium pressure UV lamps. The lamps are used in drinking water disinfection, both domestically and in municipal waterworks, for wastewater treatment and photo-oxidation.

The range of low pressure lamps comprises all sizes of standard UVC lamps, which achieve an efficiency of 40%, to make them very efficient in operation. They can also be used at high water temperatures. On account of their long operating life and high UV efficiency, these lamps offer an energy-saving alternative to UV medium pressure lamps in many installations.

Compared with low pressure lamps, UV medium pressure lamps offer a significantly higher radiation intensity, to achieve a greater depth of penetration. Disinfection systems can be much more compact for large water flows. Although these lamps are mainly used for wastewater disinfection they have recently been attracting increasing interest from manufacturers of compact drinking water disinfection systems. SAIC can offer UV lamps which deliver almost twice the UVC output compared with medium-pressure lamps of the same size. They are especially suitable for disinfection and photo-oxidation.

Because of its wide product range, SAIC can offer customers the optimum lamp for every application. SAIC also supplies in-house manufactured quartz sleeves

Since the development of the UV medium pressure lamp technology SAIC is the preferred partner of manufacturers of systems for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces, as well as for photo-chemistry and photo-oxidation.

SAIC develops, manufactures and markets ultraviolet lamps for applications in research, technology, production, analytical laboratories, medicine and environmental protection.