This photochemical reactor compliments Multi Lamp Reactors the Annular and Immersion Well Reactor and uses lamps in a circle concentric to the sample holder. The lamps assembly is enclosed in a highly polished stainless steel cylinder to increase the Photon throughput on to the sample.

Model MLR-8 is complete with 8 low pressure mercury vapour lamps - 8 watts each and MLR-16 is complete with 16 low pressure mercury vapour lamps. Lamps emitting 254nm or 366 nm are available. The whole lamp assembly is mounted on a cylindrical basis.

Lamps and Power Supply:

The low pressure mercury vapour lamps 8 watts emitting 254nm or 366nm can be used in any combination. The power supply is a separate unit with connecting lead. The unit is suitable for use on 220/230Volts AC 50 Hz and is protected with mains fuse. Optionally a 80mm instrument fan can be fitted to the bottom of lamp housing.

Complete Reactor:

The complete Multi-lamp Reactor consists of a base, 8 or 16 lamp module with cylindrical reflector and power supply unit finished in cobalt blue and cream color. The lamp module is 240mm diameter and 290mm height. The flow through and other sample holders are available optionally.