The large quartz and borosilicate Annular Reactors glass immersion wells used in the Immersion Well type Reactors (models QW2 and BW2 are used to contain irradiation lamps in the Annular Reactor. The Immersion Well is held in the centre of a rotating carousel assembly which holds upto 24 quartz or borosilicate glass tubes. The carousel assembly is rotated by a motor in the base of the reactor.

The model ATR-24Q Annular Photoreactor is supplied complete with a quartz well, 12W lamp and power supply, 24 standard quartz tubes QT1. The borosilicate version (model ATR-24B) uses a borosilicate well and is supplied with the 400W lamp and power supply and 24 glass tubes.

Lamps and Power Supplies:

Any of the lamps used in the Immersion Well Reactors (i.e.6W and 12W low pressure and 125W and 400W medium pressure mercury lamps) and their respective power supplies may be used with this Reactor.

Immersion Wells:

The quartz and borosilicate glass immersion wells (models QW2 and BW2) are designed for use with this reactor.

Carousel Assembly:

Glass and quartz irradiation tubes are supported vertically by an assembly using two metal discs, 170mm diameter, located on three vertical rods. The seperation of the discs may be altered from 10 to 300mm. Each disc contains two concentric rings of equidistantly spaced holes of 16mm diameter. Inner and outer rings contain 12 holes each so arranged that their centres lie in a line joining them to the centre of the lamp. In this way, with center illumination, any one tube position always obscures the other. Twenty four open ended quartz tubes, 300mm long, 12mm OD are supplied as standard with this reactor.

Reactor Housing:

The carousel assembly is supported and rotated around the Immersion Well from the base with a 20 rpm motor. A steel cylindrical tube surrounds the carousel assembly and is attached to the base of the housing with quick release catches.

A central flange on the housing supports the Immersion Well.